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Wordworks Blog Author: Ken Braiterman

Ken Braiterman, Wellness Wordworks board chair, has been an activist, news reporter, opinion writer, and columnist since 1968. From 1997 to 2009, he was New Hampshire's leading advocate for recovery-based mental health services. He is an advanced Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) facilitator.

Wordworks Blog Author: Corinna West

Corinna West is the founder and creative director of Wellness Wordworks, and is an Olympic Team Member and has a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Her Instant Peer Support might be the first in the mental health sector to remove the need for government and charity funding by creating a profitable interaction involving only our business and our direct customers.

Wordworks Blog Author: Hannah Cohen

Hannah Cohen writes under a pseudonym to avoid discrimination for her psychiatric history. She lives in Canada, where she was forcibly hospitalized and drugged for years, fighting against being labeled. In 2006, she was locked up so long and drugged so much that the system broke her will and convinced her she was disabled for life. After years on welfare and disability, she started working again and clawing her way back into a full and satisfying life. She is now weaning off psychiatric drugs and rediscovering her own mind and heart.

Cliff Wright

Wordworks Blog Author: Clif Wright

Clif Wright was one of the founding board members of a worldwide campaign to end Hunger. He and many other campaigners have helped to cut the number of deaths by starvation worldwide in half over the last 20 years, even as the global population has grown. Clif is a board member of Wellness Wordworks and a very passionate support of mental health entrepreneurship.

Diane Engster

Wordworks Blog Author: Diane Engster

Diane Engster has been a mental health civil rights leader for over 30 years. She currently spends time in Florida, Washington, D.C., and other national hot spots for advocacy. She is a frequent visitor to Alternatives Facebook discussion groups and is often willing to challenge peoples' basic assumptions.

Wordworks Blog Author: Liza Faith Casey

Liza is creating a volunteer replication of The Chocolate Fairy project in North Dakota. She is working to bring honest mental health information to indigenous people in her community. She volunteers with a Mental Health America affiliate and helps spread social messaging for Wellness Wordworks.

Wordworks Blog Author: Gwen Broz

Gwen Broz is a family practice medical doctor and a shaman, a Native American healer according to the Huichol Indigenous People's tradition in Mexico. Both trainings took about the same amount of time and effort. She works closely with the Sacred Fire Community, which helps people find spiritual connection to their land and their own cultural traditions.

Edward Duff

Wordworks Blog Author: Edward Duff

Edward Duff worked as a policy analyst for NAMI Missouri for 20 years until he met Robert Whitaker and read Anatomy of an Epidemic. He is now on break from online media but is working to connect trauma survivors in Joplin with spiritual communities. He is also working to create an epistimology or worldview that explains why and how certain beings chose to benefit from other people's suffering.

Wordworks Blog Author: Adinah Caro-Greene

Adinah has advocated for disability rights for over 10 years using her background in financial planning and wealth management. She is a grantwriter and volunteer coordinator for Wellness Wordworks and her mission is empowering individuals with psychiatric labels to pursue their visions by building their own autonomous businesses and income-sources.

Wordworks Blog Author: Guest Bloggers

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