How Forgiveness Heals Your Wounds

(Author’s Note: It occurred to me that this could be turned into a Wellness Wordworks blog. I have written it for a couple of friends — including the one talked about in the story — and my therapist. But this could be inspiring for WW readers.)

Liza still wasn’t sure exactly how her young friend Mike had inspired her to forego her 11-year grudge against her dead mother. To her therapist, she could only keep saying, “I don’t know.”

Charles Johnson, The Homeless Poet, holds up some of art about how forgiveness heals

Mike’s gracious forgiveness of Liza’s sins–

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Maria Mangicaro – ISEPP is My Type of Mental Health Advocacy

Volunteering for International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP) is my way of giving back. I feel I have been very blessed. It was very difficult for me to find providers who offered alternatives to mainstream psychiatry, and it was even more difficult to find a psychiatrist who would work with me s to try to taper off psych meds. ISEPP helps people connect with alternatives to mainstream psychiatry and psych meds.

ISEPP supports alternatives to conventional psychiatry and medication.

Volunteering for ISEPP gives me an opportunity to help provide support to mental health professionals who are open-minded

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How Psych Meds and Hospitals Messed Me Up

About a year and a half ago, I was placed on an involuntary hold for being suicidally distraught. A friend had called 911. I was “released” to my house once hospital authorities deemed me “safe.”

A few weeks later, however, I chose to go to partial hospitalization at the same institution. Though my depression was circumstantial, I had no strength left with which to heal myself. It seemed the only option was to try again a scary proposal — psychotropic meds and hospitals.

Psychiatric meds and hosptials damaged me

I’d had nightmarish experiences on two common anti-depressants at different

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David Dodd – Healing Crises Requires Understanding of Human Emotion

One way to talk to people who are comfortable with the disease model of mental illness about how limiting it is, is to point out that there are many missing links in the relationship between current psychiatric medications and science’s understanding of human emotions. Just because a model suggests a course of treatment doesn’t mean it is a completely scientific account of what’s going on with the person who is suffering.

Incomplete Understanding of A Disease Kills People

Will some future science of human emotions ever make psych meds look as primitive as bloodletting?

The medical profession has often

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