Liza Faith Casey’s Easter Reflection –2013

Easter is Sunday, March 31, this year. “Tonight marks a milestone. I’m setting up an Easter/spring display at the antique mall booth I’m opening. This outward display of rebirth represents substantial personal growth in the last year.

Easter basket

Last Easter, I had a relapse. Wellbutrin caused mental confusion; I got lost on a simple, route I know to a friend’s house. Her cell phone directions didn’t compute. I missed most of the dinner, after plans to come early and help set up and to give her a special hostess gift. My friend and her family graciously invited

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Your Reaction to Post-Traumatic Feelings and Behavior Is Your Choice

Post-Traumatic Feelings

Lasting reactions to post-traumatic feelings, are natural, normal, and justified. But how those feelings about horrible events in the past affect your life in the present is your choice.

The reactions you choose to post-traumatic feelings can be the difference between emotional growth, a socially useful, personally satisfying life, or lifelong bitterness, and stagnation — being a permanent victim, or becoming a survivor.

It’s never too late to become a survivor (I did at 50), and nobody is too traumatized to make their post-traumatic feelings less crippling., even if they never completely go away.

I know people

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