Do some people really need meds?

Do some people need psych meds?

I know someone who had a seemingly bona fide diagnosis of schizophrenia, including psychotic symptoms, which was caused by trauma. He evidently needs to do more to deal with the trauma, yet has also apparently needs psych  meds to quit experiencing psychosis.

In another case, I worked as a home health aide with a man with schizophrenia whose cause for schizophrenia I did not know.  But it was clear to everyone around him that he needs psych meds to quit talking about bizarre stuff (like us supposedly trying to poison his dinner, or

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Medication for teens needs to be one option among many

Medication For Teens Needs to Be one Option among many Medication for Teens Helped Nick

Troubled Teen (Not Nick)

Nick, the middle child of a friend, had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) so bad that the school district paid to send him to a special residential school out of town.  He went through medication for ADHD, anxiety, and mood swings.

At 17, Nick is off all meds, and is in the mainstream school. He still has trouble learning, but he has friends and a girlfriend, and is not a behavior problem.

Nick Had Medication for Teens PLUS

Medication for

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